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Project 02 : All-in-One Augmented Reality Headset

Augmented Reality will become the new iPhone.

Augmented reality will create a more intuitive experience through direct incorporation of virtual elements in our everyday lives. Let's examine how this carries out. 

+ Untethered

This AR device is untethered from wires and has it's components inside the main visor.

+ Widescreen

The curved visor OLED screen allows for a more immersive experienced and a wider angle of view

+ All-in-one

The headphones and screen are combined into one single device, rather than having two devices.

Ideating Variations

Exploring Form
I explored how to reduce the amount of interaction points the helmet had with the person's head to reduce the amount of perspiration and discomfort from wearing these AR devices. 
Removing the Crown
I explored how to remove the material at the crown of the head to allow more breathing space.

+ Immersion through free mobility

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