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Project 05 : Silent Speech Interface

The future of computing is silent speech. Imagine Siri, but silent.

14 Week Project: The brief is to identify computing trends and create an ecosystem of future computing products, visualized through a series of storyboards and through designing the key product of the future.
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Storyboarding | The Future of Computing

Hannah awakes gently as natural lights slowly fills up the room, and calm sounds reach a crescendo. Her pillow, smart clothes and watch have adjusted to her comfort during the night. The collected vitals and sleep patterns are sent to her phone, charging on the bedside table with embedded smart technology. Her phone displays and reads to Hannah the task list that she had dictated to it the day before.
As Hannah prepares to shower, the toilet reports that her vitals look good. The shower relaxes Hannah with a soothing light & sound experience. When done, Hannah gets a report how much water she used. As she gets does her makeup, the mirror recommends several makeup looks. The mirror also shows Hannah some useful info, such as weather, traffic status, top headlines. The mat she stands on gathers additional health data. Hannah’s wearables are conveniently docked nearby, fully charged. Putting on her SSI, she starts the coffee maker remotely, and grabs the ready cup on her way out. 
On the way to work, Hannah rides an autonomous ride share with another commuter. Using her SSI, she sends direct function controls and dictation to her HP notebook. After getting some initial emails out of the way, Hannah starts a conference call with a coworker, discussing confidential project work. She does not disturb the other commuter since her communication is silent, secure, and discrete.  
At work, Hannah’s office is open, but very pleasant and quiet. Hannah silently dictates the text of a presentation she is about to give. on her HP desktop with her SSI. She then starts sketching some architectural ideas directly onto her desk, using a Virtual / Augmented drawing board. She plots out how her team should go about building an immersive co-working platform. She can’t wait to upgrade to the new immersive workstation that will offer a much better Mixed Reality 3D experience
In the afternoon, Hannah goes to a conference room and connects with a teammate who works in another city. Using the portal, they discussing the progress and to-do list. The conferencing table is actually an embedded HP control device that works in tandem with PCs or tablets placed on top of it. 
After work, Hannah visits her favorite retail store, to buy a new dress for a wedding. She looks at the displayed dresses, then tries on many of them using the store’s smart mirror. The store’s virtual assistant recognizes Hannah, and greets her by name. It superimposes the outfits in different colors over a digitized 3D image of Hannah, recommends the appropriate sizes, and suggests pairing shoes and accessories. Hannah completes her shopping digitally.
Upon return home, Hannah prepares to bake the healthy quinoa bread she saw earlier, while livestreaming with her friend Bryan who lives in Chicago. Using AR glasses she pulls up the recipe, and sees it displayed on the counter. After reading the first few lines, she uses SSI to preheat the oven to a specific temperature, and asks the drink maker to prepare her favorite seltzer. As she kneads the dough, she thinks of a great idea for an immersive experience, makes a mental note through SSI, and creates an appointment to meet with her friend to work on their passion project. 
After dinner, Hannah invites Bryan to meet virtually. She sees him sitting in the room across from her, through her AR glasses. The HP laptop and digitizer work in tandem to support virtual computing in this space. The friends spend time co-creating in MR, using their favorite immersive platform (like Sims 4). On the table in front of Hannah, she sees the 3D model of the City they designed together. Hannah can zoom in and out with gestures, and pan around buildings. The immersive experience she just created with Bryan is so fun that she decides to share it to the public, and the experience gains a lot of popularity online.  
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