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Project 02 : Redesigning Happier Camper's Business Strategy

We worked with Happier Camper's Executive Team to determine the best business strategy. 

3 Week Project:
Happier Camper came to our team to analyze their business to propose a strategic plan of action. 

Problem Areas

Lack of Clear Focus:
From an initial analysis of the company (and discussion with company heads), it is evident that Happier Camper is unable to identify a clear focus in their current business strategy as they want to target as many consumer audiences as possible. 
Over-designed HC1:
The original HC1 is a beautiful piece of design, but was over-designed according to the passions of the founder wants, using materials and methods that lack enough consideration of the costs of manufacturing processes and material choices that their target consumer wants or needs. Design decisions must be fine-tuned on target consumer.  
Long Turnover Time: 
As a result, the current HC1 must be made individually by hand, meaning it takes a long time to manufacture and requires large amounts of capital to make each trailer. 
Difficult to Liquify Assets:
Too many assets are tied up in the process of creating each trailer. There is a need for quick sources of revenue.

Demand/Supply Disparity:

Happier Camper cannot make enough trailers for the demand and hype for their product.

Main Target User:
Young Female Millennial at a Tech Firm  
Imagine a silicon valley professional who has a desk job but spends her weekends out in nature.
These women have the income and lifestyle of a 9-5 job but love to go out into nature over the weekends. She is always looking for new ways to get out of the traditional work environment and has been looking into camping, but doesn’t want to lose connectivity and convenience while in nature.
Early Majority
Gender: Female
Age: 20-30
Hometown: Silicon Valley
Education: UC Berkeley
Occupation: Software Engineer at Google
Income: 80-100k
Proposed Strategy:
Develop short, quick to market products
- Aadaptive Modular Products for Car
- Other camp gear for new campers to use
Amplify rental experience
- Focus on making this an advertising space for your products and really market the outdoor lifestyle
Redefine the camping experience:
- Get millenials to enjoy the benefits of camping through Happier Camper’s comprehensive brand.
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