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Discover the brain with Scope

Patent Pending

This project is currently under the process of becoming a real product.

14 Week Project:

Design a next level EEG brain scanner and brain research platform.

Project 01 : UCLA x Venturewell Sponsored Project

SCOPE is an EEG brain scanner that will enable researchers to understand the brain on a level that has never been achieved before.

+ Our Team

We worked with Dr. Yi-Kai Lo and Dr. Wentai Liu from UCLA to design the hardware, software and brand for this future brain research tool.

Pooja Nair: Interaction Designer

Tricia Sada: Product Designer

Dr. Yi-Kai Lo

Diana Choung: Graphic Designer

Noel Ekker: Product Designer

My Role: My main focus was on problem solving hardware design problems for the EEG brain scanner. 

Skill focus: Hand & Digital Ideation & Rendering, Building User Scenarios, Rapid Prototyping, Collaborative Problem-Solving

We all worked closely together on all aspects of this project from hardware to software and branding — consulting each other every step of the way.

Here is a sample of our

first stage work:

+ Problems

Current EEG devices are tethered to a machine and require gel and a long attachment process of each individual electrode to put on the device. 
Right now it is difficult to do in-field research as high-fidelity EEG devices are tethered and bulky. 
This makes it difficult to study subjects such as seizures, which can happen sporadically. 

+ Research Example

Defining User Painpoints

through Journey Maps

Formulating Problem Areas

From analysis of test subject and researcher journey maps we found multiple points of negative experiences.

- Wet Head

A wet gel used to improve electrode conductivity feels uncomfortable on the test subject's head

- Long Setup

Electrodes need to be individually placed and injected with gel to get good data. 

- In-Clinic Only

Researchers can only measure brain activity for short periods of time in the lab because the EEG needs to be wired to the computer.

Turning Problems into Solutions

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